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Advanced Driver Assistance Systems – ADAS

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) are one of the fastest-growing technologies in the automotive industry and vehicle glass is a fundamental part of its operation. Cars equipped with ADAS systems are predicted to surge further into the automotive future, driven partly by EuroNCAP encouraging greater use of camera-reliant safety systems. ADAS technology is based upon vision/camera systems, sensor technology, car data networks, Vehicle-to-Vehicle or Vehicle-to-Infrastructure systems.

By using multifunction cameras embedded in the windscreen and rear screen, sensors monitor vehicle surroundings, which provide information to the driver and help to improve road safety. Such systems include lane departure warning, emergency brake assist, adaptive cruise control, adaptive lighting, to name but a few.

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems – ADAS

AGA believes that motor insurers will soon demand certification of re-calibration of windscreens post replacement, for the purpose of processing a claim, which will need to have been carried out by a fully qualified technician.

For information on automotive glazing training related to ADAS, please contact us.

The Automotive Glazing Academy was part of an industry wide ADAS working group which developed the “ADAS IIR”, to see the full 'ADAS IIR' guidelines please click here 

Car manufacturers are increasingly introducing more advanced safety features on volume as well as premium models and this means automotive glazing technicians need to be aware of new developments.


The integration of this ‘smart glass’ requires new processes, specialist diagnostic tools and equipment. Vehicles that require a replacement screen or undergo other work such as suspension or tracking will need to have cameras recalibrated to ensure that safety critical systems are fully functional.

Vehicle manufacturers have different stipulations, requiring ADAS cameras to be reset by either a dynamic (in motion) or static recalibrations, so it’s important to note that there is NO universal solution.

The Automotive Glazing Academy is part of an industry-wide ADAS Working Group, which aims to ensure there’s a joined-up approach, including clearly defined standards for all interested parties.

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